Friday, January 19, 2007

If “Mom” Was So Great Then Why Do I Love “Gramma”

While taking advantage of the cool summer morning, my seven-year-old granddaughter stated, “Gramma you are very old,” as we played in the sand box behind my house. Those words rang loudly in my ears, as I heard her little sister pipe up, “yup Gramma, you are very old.” I looked at both of them with bewilderment and asked, “What is old to you?” “Wrinkles,” said the five year old. “Yup, wrinkles and squishy hugs Gramma,” chimed in the seven year old. “Squishy hugs”, I questioned, “What do you mean squishy hugs?” “You know,” said my seven year old granddaughter, “Only you can give squishy hugs because your tummy is soft and squishy.” “Yeah, squishy hugs Gramma, we love squishy hugs,” joined in my five year old granddaughter. At that very moment it dawned on me that, someone besides me has determined that I was a very old person.

I immediately thought, “No, I am just a very old parent!” Parenting is my third love. My second love is my husband who, proudly answers to, “Grandpa” more these days, than to his own name. Of course, you may already have guessed that my first love is God, the keeper of my faith. Nevertheless, someone now thinks of me as old and squishy! Yet somehow, I just cannot get to the old part, even when I hear the words, “Gramma you are very old.”

It is just amazing how we take on names and characteristics identified by others. Like moss grows on a rock, after a while those names and characteristics just seem to feel comfortable to you.

“Gramma,’ how in the world did I get to the Grandma part of my life? Pondering upon this question, it seems like it was just last week, that I heard my mother yelling from the back porch, “Jewel it is time to come in and eat your supper! By the way, where is your jacket I helped you put on? You are going to catch a cold!” It seems like it was just the other day, that I heard the first words “ma, ma” come from my smiling, chubby cheeked son’s mouth. And wasn’t it yesterday, that I yelled out my own back door, “Okay boys, chows on the table, first one gets the grub. Don’t forget to pick up your jackets you left by the sand box, so the dog doesn’t chew them up.” Well, reality has now set in. I am “Gramma” to more children than I was “Ma, Ma, Mom, or Ma,” too. I am now, “Gramma you are very old,” with squishy hugs to some. I just love that name, “Gramma.”


chrisd said...

I loved this post--I personally can't wait to be a grandma. I mean, when my kids are grown and MARRIED.

I saw you at CCWL (I've been lurking lately). What a wonderful career you have--God has surely blessed you!

Nice to meet you and nice work

Jewel Sample said...

Yes, indeed God has blessed me with delightful children and grandchildren. Thank you for stopping by, please come back again.