Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yes Indeed Dreams Really Do Come True!

As a new author, there are days when I think to my self, what in the world am I doing? Then I begin to question my writing by asking myself, "Is what I write going to matter one year from now, let alone ten years from now?"

With these questions floating around in my head, I began to do some long over due e-mail box cleaning out. Then an incredible thing happened, I came upon this poem I had received in an email this last summer, titled "When you thought I wasn't looking." I immediately wondered if this poem is somewhere on the Internet indicating the author? Great poems as this one deserves a tribute to the right full owner.

My Googled search brought about numerous web sites with the poem on them. The best sight for leading me to the right author was on Dr. Laura.com. It is here I learned how long this wonderful tribute to caregivers has been circulating on the Internet. This great poem has taken a cyber-phenomenon path that continued its course not only to my e-mail box, but also to countless others.

At Mary Rita Schilke Korzan’s home page, I learned how this poem has existed since the 1980’s as a tribute to her mother and found its way to the pages of a best seller. "Wow," I thought, what an awesome inspiration to have written something as a tribute to your mother then find it as a treasure for many, which inspired dozens of others to use it to pay tribute again to another person dear to their own hearts. Yes, indeed dreams really do come true! Writing does matter! To view the poem Click here: Mary Rita Schilke Korzan

Visit onceuponapoem.com to read the story of how this poem has become a national phenomenon

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