Saturday, February 24, 2007

Giving to Your Cause: Empowerment at It’s Best

Have you ever wondered where your donated dollars to your favorite charity go? Or have you speculated on how much of your donation is applied to your particular interest with in that charity? Today there are multitudes of groups that a person can take the opportunity to donate their time, talents, and money. For some individuals what they have to offer appears to be small in comparison to others. I have even heard individuals say, what difference would my few dollars make? Now there is an innovative approach to giving back to your cause, without feeling your contribution is a small ripple in the big pond of giving, through what is known as a “Giving Circle.”

Giving Circles are a small group of people who come together for a common cause, pool their money in order to make a real difference toward their particular interest. Anyone can start a Giving Circle. Starting a circle of giving is as easy as a group deciding to donate the cost of one restaurant meal a week to your circle’s fund. Then the circle gives their designated dollar amount to their favorite charity or cause when it is attained. This is people empowerment doing its best work because people have control over their personal involvement and their donation dollars. To learn more about Giving Circles go to

Now some of you may be saying, “This is fine and dandy, but I do not even have a dollar to my name.” Then I ask you, if there was a way to give to your favorite charity without it costing you dollars would you do it? Of course, you would. So, how many times during the day do you “key word” search (Google) on the Internet? I search at least ten word searches a day. Here is another great way to give to your favorite cause by doing your web searches on There are over 30,000 charities listed and for each search, 1-cent is given to your designated charity. Just think if one person does ten searches a day, which is 3.00 dollars a month that your charity would not normally receive. If you discover your charity is not listed, contact them and ask them to fill out the charity information. The great thing about giving to your charitable interests this way is if you have more than one charity you can choose a different one with each visit. To find your favorite charity go to

Last but not least, Goggle Grants gives free advertising to select non-profits seeking to raise awareness from literacy to health issues. This indeed, is people empowerment doing its best work and it is easy to be counted as making an effort to help others. If you know of other places that are benefiting charities, please leave a comment to let others know.

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