Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Case of the Mystery Bean

While looking at the purple striped dried beans my dad gave to me one summer, I thought, “I have no idea how to cook these beans! What should I do with these beans?”

Dad has since passed away. My dad loved entertaining his grown children with gardening puzzles. He grew the beans one summer as a joke to his adult children. Looking back, I remember my dad stating as he dropped a few beans into my hand, “I bet you do not know what these are.” Looking intently at his new find, I replied, “Nope, sure don't, what are they?” He replied with a gleam in his eye and a sheepish grin on his face,” beans! Do you want to take some home with you?" “Sure Dad”, I would answer. “So tell me what kind of bean are they?” Dad laughingly replied, “Italian beans!” “How do you cook them?” I asked.

Dad would not say much more about the new bean, until I had asked me several times to give me another clue. I would look to my sisters to give me some kind of clue, they would gesture with their arms raised up in the air, and the palms of their hands turned up with a dumb founded look on their faces. I knew then they would not be much help. It was a fun conversational game to play with Dad.

However, on this particular summer, I did not ever get an answer from either one of my parents about how to cook the beans. I now have a jar of dried Italian beans sitting on my kitchen shelf that reminds me from time to time, there is a mystery to solve, how to cook the Italian beans. Yes, the last joke is played on me! I bet my parents are looking down from heaven laughing about the fact that I still have those BEANS! I still do not know how to cook them. Perhaps I will never know because they remind me of my dad’s last joke he played on me.

So, Dad if you are looking down from heaven take notice, I admit the last joke was played on me, thanks Dad for the memories.

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