Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Jewel Reviews "The Dragonfly Door"

Author: John Adams
ISBN: 10:1934066125
Publisher: Feather Rock Books

John Adams brilliantly invites the reader into the world of Nymphs and Dragonflies to explore the changes that take place when Nym’s friend goes to a special place. When I had lost a family member, I had read a wonderful story called, The Water Bug Story. Adams adds a fresh approach to the water bug story by focusing on friendship loss and giving a voice to his characters. With the help of Gibson’s eye-catching nature illustrations, The Dragonfly Door answers general questions surrounding loss, such as feelings about loss, what happens to the nymph’s body when he dies, and how a nymph is transformed into a dragonfly. Adams creatively normalizes typical friendship rivalry and takes the reader on a nature journey to discover that one chooses to resolve conflict, loss, and changes in different ways. Adams lists uncomplicated educational facts at the end for the inquisitive science mind.

Reviewer recommends this book as a great educational tool for parents, grandparents or professionals to use to explain uncontrollable life cycle changes and loss.

Reviewer: Jewel Sample, MS; Author of Flying Hugs and Kisses and Besos y abresos al aire (Spanish edition)

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