Monday, July 30, 2007

Reality Entertainment: "Maggie Come Lately" by Michelle Buckman

~Jewel's Reading Excellence Review ~

Maggie Come Lately
By Michelle Buckman
ISBN: 10:160006082X, 2007
Fiction: Young Adult, Friendship, Christian life, Single Parent Family, Sexual Issues, Grief and Loss
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Publisher: NavPress; $12.99
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Michelle Buckman’s Christian fictional novel immediately places the reader side by side with the main character, Maggie in the prologue when she briefly describes Maggie’s first significant loss in her life. This significant loss seems to leave her feeling deeply grieved, abandoned and influences Maggie’s teen life as events unfold. Maggie struggles to find her own self-identity while forming significant relationships with her peers, discovering choices about sexuality, personal religious values, and accepting the changes within her own family.

What makes Buckman’s wholesome creative work exceptional is the reality based entertainment presents emotionally charged slices of current adolescent problems faced by some single parent families along with other life issues, such as teen rape with good decision-making and coping skills modeled by her characters. Books that show teen characters working through uncontrollable life events demonstrating appropriate choices and behaviors, as well as how to get help if the reader finds themselves in a similar situation places this reviewer at ease about adolescents above the age of sixteen reading this sensitive topic material.

Professionals who work with teens will find this book a great educational tool to use to discuss significant real life issues that teens face today.

Reviewer recommends Maggie Come Lately for teens above the age of sixteen, Educators, Pastors, and Mental Health professionals.

Reviewed by Jewel Sample, MS
Award-winning author of Flying Hugs and Kisses (2006), Besos y abrazos al aire (Spanish edition, 2006) and Flying Hugs and Kisses Activity Book (2007)

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created2bless said...

I , too, read Michelle's book and found it was very realistic and offered help for those in similar situations. I do believe that any girl from eleven on would highly benefit from this story as those of this age experience much of what Maggi and her friend Sue had in the story. Girls under 16 do experience rape and because of their younger age, I have found in counseling with them, have a harder time finding someone who will believe them and truly listen. They could greatly benefit from the resources in the back of Michelle's book as well. I have already recommended it several times with outstanding results. Bless you both!