Thursday, November 15, 2007

Grandma's Rocking Chair

Rocking chair…how empty you are
I should be here
Holding my baby girl…
Watching your sweet little mouth
As you nurse…

Tiny fingers…curled around mine
Stretching out your
Little feet…
Yawning as you
Drift off to sleep

And as I sit here
Rocking chair…so empty
Without you baby girl
Rocking alone..
I feel A tear…

Jordan baby…you are
Being held by
Our heavenly Father
Safe and warm
Loved by Him
Missed by all your family
Peace for all

In honor of Jordan Ezra Taffee

Dec. 4, 2006 – Jan. 2, 2007

By Michele Adams

Printed by permission
(c) 03/15/2007

Posted by Jewel Sample, Award-winning author of Flying Hugs and Kisses (2006), also translated: Besos y abrazos al aire (2006, Spanish edition) and Flying Hugs and Kisses Activity Book (2007)

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