Thursday, October 18, 2007

Changing How We Deal With Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Scripts Howard compelling and comprehensive project, Saving Babies: Exposing SIDS ( raises a number of questions such as, inaccurate diagnosis, diagnostic coding shifts, SIDS as a comfort diagnosis and the impact this will have on families. Americans need to know that SIDS families depend on accuracy about how data is collected, coded, and used to further research to find a cure. The most compelling findings are the reviewers report more than 4,000 babies who succumbed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) each year could be saved if there was a national standard for infant death investigations.

Now it is time for a mandatory use of a national infant death protocol that will resolve the issues and further research in finding a cure for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, as well as give accurate statistical information. I encourage you to visit the Saving Babies:Exposing SIDS web site. First Candle SIDS Alliance will be launching a national advocacy campaign to bring these important findings to the forefront of political agendas. To learn more and join this effort contact

Together America can make a difference for our future generations.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In Loving Memory: I Dream

Like a ripple in a pond,
A whisper in the wind,
I dream of how things might have been.

Your boyish grin
Your manly cleft shaped chin
Your chubby cheeks
Your soft blue eyes
Are dreams of days and weeks gone by.

Your first little giggle,
Your toes that you wiggled
Are memories that whisper now and then.

Like a ripple in a pond,
A whisper in the wind,
I can not help but cling to what
you might have been.

Watching you take your first step
as you eye your favorite toy to get.
Would it have been balls or blocks?
Or would it have been trucks or books?

I cannot know.
For like a ripple in a pond,
A whisper in the wind,
Your life was over when you became
a victim of SIDS.

In loving memory of
Brennen Cole Kuehl-Sample
October 14, 2003~January02, 2004

by Jewel Sample
© 9/15/2006