Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grandma’s Heavenly Treasures

It is funny how life events give you belly jiggling laughs and giggles when you least expect them. At least that is what happened to me this year.

I remember growing up enjoying my grandmother’s homemade sugar cookies around Christmas time. They were not fancy cookies, just lemon-flavored and sprinkled with granulated sugar. I would watch my grandmother cut the rolled white dough into simple round cookies cut from a juice glass, as she told me they were angel cookies made special with sugar sprinkles from heaven. Of course, I played along with the muse of her imagination with belly laughs and giggles. Without me realizing it for many years my Gramma taught me how to connect with people using cookie baking activities.

I have used my sugar cookie recipe for the past thirty-five years. I remember at my little preschool age sons’ first Christmas cookie baking they used their play dough cut outs for cookie cutters. It was their idea and a way to make sure they were using safe items to have fun in the dough. I had fun watching their faces light up as they peered through the oven glass door from a distance to watch their airplane, truck, car or wagon cookies become something fun to eat. I mixed up colored frosting in plastic margarine bowls and let them use their fingers to spread the color of icing they choose for their cookies. I must admit they had more icing inside of them and on their clothing then they had on the cookies.

It wasn’t long and I found myself sharing my sugar cookie recipe with extended family, community events, and friends. The Christmas sugar cookie baking event has become a favorite connection time with my grandchildren too.

This year I shared my sugar cookie recipe with Hallmark Magazine. Along with other inspiring recipes from across the nation they were chosen to be shared with their readers. When I received the news, much to my surprise those forgotten belly laughs and giggles of mine resonated throughout the room. Now this treasured cookie sharing occasion is enjoyed by not only my grandmother’s future generations, but also with friends of Hallmark Magazine.

My treasured Heavenly Sugar Cookie recipe can be downloaded free along with many other wonderful cookie recipes at
Hallmarkmagazine.com. Enjoy reading the stories behind the recipes and creating your delicious holiday treasured recipes to pass along to your future generations.

This article is written and posted by
Jewel Sample, award-winning author of Flying Hugs and Kisses (2006) also translated: Besos y abrazos al aire (2006, Spanish edition) and Flying Hugs and Kisses Activity Book (2007)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Stories for Children Magazine Features Award-winning Writer Jewel Sample


Editor, Stories for Children Magazine
Email: storiesforchildren@vsgrenier.com

Stories for Children Magazine’s editor VS Grenier was lucky to catch up with award-winning author Jewel Sample for an interview.

During the interview, Sample said, “I believe my sensitive story and activity book are great resources for professionals and families to use to help children cope with the loss of a young loved one.”

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval report said, “Jewel Sample does a wonderful job of breaking down some of the confusing terms that children hear during times like these and celebrates the love and strength that family provides.” The National Parenting Center’s 2007 Seal of Approval full report is available at tnpc.com.

Sample’s book, Flying Hugs and Kisses, won The National Parenting Center 2007 Seal of Approval.

To find out more about award-winning author, Jewel Sample, and her newest book out, Flying Hugs and Kisses, visit Stories for Children Magazine in December 2007 at http:storiesforchildren.tripod.com

Stories for Children Magazine is a free monthly on-line magazine for children ages 3 to 12 years old. Children and their parents will journey into the World of Ink with short stories, articles, crafts, puzzles, and so much more.

Media Release posted by Jewel Sample with permission from Stories for Children Magazine, VS Grenier, Editor.