Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day: 5 Ways to Celebrate and Appreciate Your Freedom

In 1868, May 30th became the official Memorial Day to remember those Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, while serving their country, so that all people living in the United States of America can enjoy freedom.

The first Memorial Day was called Decoration Day and was celebrated by placing flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers.

Currently the last Monday of May is the national holiday to celebrate and honor our U. S. soldiers by placing flowers or small U. S. flags on their graves. Red Poppy flower boutonnieres are worn as an aide-memoire of our soldier’s blood shed while protecting our country. The American flag is flown from sunup to sunset. Many cities and towns throughout the nation have special events to celebrate freedom and appreciate their veterans.

Here are 5 ways to help children learn about what’s behind America’s Memorial Day holiday:

1. Read your local newspaper to find out how your town is honoring a soldier. Attend a local event and look for cool facts about soldiers.

2. Visit a cemetery and look for the flags by a veteran’s grave. Spend a moment of silence to commemorate that soldier’s life.

3. Make an American Soldier flag. Draw a flag using red, yellow and blue crayons on white construction paper. Be sure and have fifty yellow stars with seven red and six white stripes. Glue a picture of your soldier in the center of the flag. Place your soldier flag in a prominent place, like on your refrigerator door.

4. Have a picnic and talk to your family about soldiers who have served in the military.

5. Write a story about your family’s soldier who gave their life so that we could enjoy freedom.

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terri.forehand said...

Jewel, What a great article, and a reminder to teach our children what honour is. My husband is a veteran of Viet Nam and remembers being treated poorly upon his return rather than honoured. It is so important for children to learn that no matter how you feel about the wars, men and women go to protect our freedom and God bless them for that.

Thanks for a wonderful start to the Memorial Day Weekend.


Donna McDine ~ Children's Author said...

Jewel...wonderful post! All fantastic tips. It is so important that we instill in our children a sense of appreciation for veteran's. We say grace each night before supper and the girls have added in at the end Please the Armed Forces. Brought tears to my eyes the first time they did this. Have a Happy Memorial Day!


Cynthia Reeg said...

Thanks for highlighting the importance of this holiday which often is forgotten. I really appreciated the links you provided as well.


Jewel Sample said...

Thank you Ladies for visiting and leaving great comments on Jewel's Sand Box News!

Blessings to you all,