Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Helping Grandchildren Deal with Grief and Sibling Loss

May 29, 2008 Radio Broadcast gives ideas on how grandparents can help their grandchildren deal with grief and sibling loss.

Grief and Loss experts Dr.s' Gloria and Heidi Horsley have made available their discussion with two author grandparents, Jewel Sample and Nina Bennett.

To listen to the broadcast please click on the link below.

Helping Grandchildren Deal with SIDS Grief and Sibling Loss
Guests: Jewel Sample and Nina Bennett
MP3 Link

To learn more about Drs' Horsley supportive grief and loss web site, please visit Healing The Grieving Heart now called Open To Hope


Courtney Kelly said...

I really enjoyed the radio interview with Jewel Sample with grief and loss experts Dr.'s Gloria and Heidi Horsley. I learned a lot about SIDS and how it affects not only the immediate family, but grandparents as well. It's important information to be equipped with even if you haven't experienced this tragedy in your own family, because you might need to support a friend in grief someday. I enjoyed Jewel explaining how her grandkids each contributed a "piece" of the story, "Flying Hugs and Kisses."

Jewel Sample said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to our broadcast. It warms my heart to know my story has helped someone.
Blessings to you,